Wednesday, 19 January 2011


I just overheard the most random conversation between my sister and her friends. She had some girls over and they made brownies that were very tasty but something went wrong, so that when you chewed them you could hear the sugar crunch. One of them goes
- "I can hear myself chewing the sugar!",
- "Omygosh yes! Lets all be quiet and see if we can hear each others crunching!"

So they did, and when they discovered that they could in fact hear the crunching, they died laughing for a good ten minutes.

So what other meaningful and exciting events have filled my life since the last time I wrote to you? Well, I've been going to the gym, I've flipped through college brochures, I've walked Mona's dog with Mona, I've flipped through more college brochures, I've been thinking about college, I've fed my fish Johnny, I've been confused about what college I want to go to, and... no wait thats it.