Monday, 9 May 2011

a blue tie affair

there was a big russ-festival this weekend. For my lutcher friends: picture the bonfire festival and jazzfest combined to one big weekend of awesome. Attending: 10.000 13th-graders.

I've seen tons of good concerts. Your fellow american Ludacris was there too. And my favorite norwegian band Kaizers Orchestra. And Madcon, and Karpe Diem, and your other fellow american Porter Robinson. And Lidolido and Magnet, whom I hadn't really listened to too much before the concert, but they sounded pretty good. And my bff Mona was there with me, and our lovely blue tie. Our lovely blue tie was stolen by some bastard. We went to concerts, danced, drank beer, ate, went to more concerts, fought over whose turn it was to wear the blue tie, drank cider, walked around, danced, met up with friends, made new friends, danced some more. It was fun :)

Saturday, 16 April 2011

one two three four

five six seven! thats how many russeknuter or russ-knots I've done. I've been a russ now for a little over 24 hours, and so far so good. I do not feel like explaining what the russ celebration is all over again, so you can either go google it or you could look back at one of my older posts. Ok, let me tell you which knots I've done so far.
1. Help collect money for the Norwegian Cancer Fund, we went from door to door to collect money, and our school was the best in our district. yay!

2. Cuss out a statue in the centre of town for five minutes. This is Arne Garborg, a norwegian writer whom we told how we felt about analyzing his poems in norwegian class, the bird poop on his shoe and so on.

3. Have a whole pack of Hubba Bubba bubble gum in your mouth for ten minutes. I think this was the worst one we did. It's almost impossible to control your drooling with all that gum in your mouth.

4. Have breakfast in a roundabout.
We combined this one with:
5. Have cornflakes with beer for breakfast.
It was nasty.

6. Have a serious ten minute conversation with a pole.

7. Eat your own mock business card without eating or drinking something in between. This was actually surprisingly easy for me.

Monday, 11 April 2011

La shukran.

The pictures are kind of out of order. I've been on a excursion trip to Jordan with my languages & travelling and religion & ethics class. We were 28 people. It was fun :) There are camels running loose in the streets of Aqaba, Jordan.

Yay on the snorkeling boat!

We went to a mosque on the last day. Limited amount of clean clothes left. Had to cover up hair and body. This is the result. Amazed by how my "hijab" matches my Batman-hoodie so well. And who knew that denim tights, a dolphin sarong, a floral blouse and a white scarf would make such a lovely outfit?

Petra, Jordan. One of the new seven wonders of the world. Amazing! The funniest part was when we were going into the royal tombs, and there was a group of jordanian 15-year olds who found it much more interesting to photograph, film and follow us instead of looking at the actual destination. At one point when me and another girl stopped to talk to a local bedouin woman, a few of them stopped about 5 ft away and started posing next to us and taking pictures "with" us.

The plumbing in Jordan is not the best. At some restaurants they had these mini-showers to use to wash your behind instead of toilet paper so the pipes wouldn't get clogged. I just used paper and prayed to God and Allah and all the rest of them that it would flush.

I ate food so spicy it made me tear up. Jordanian food is good, but half the time I didn't know what I was eating. They eat a lot of hummus, I've had hummus on this kind of pita-bread for breakfast for a week.

You'd think that when theres 30 degrees celsius outside the pool would be warm, but no.


Sunday, 6 February 2011


Hey, sup? Not much going on here right now. My parents are in London, the only places I've been today is work and my grandma's house.

I was supposed to go to Egypt in April. Yeah, that's not happening. I'm sure you've all heard about the crazies going on down there. Our languages and travelling class go on a weeklong trip to Egypt every year, but not this year. I was kind of bummed out because the trip to Egypt was kind of the reason I chose to take that class in the first place. I guess it serves me right then, for picking a class based on where it's going on field trips. So as a band aid for the wound (that's a norwegian saying that I tried to translate, did it work?) we're going to Jordan instead. So hopefully Jordan will be cool.

And in the beginning of march, I'm going to Oslo to see Taylor Swift. Me and a couple of friends are taking the train to Oslo, going shopping, going to the concert and staying at a hotel, and then taking the train home again.

I'm telling you all of this just to prove that my life is not all work and school and worrying about college. See, last weekend I even went out with some friends from school! And not as in a study group.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011


I just overheard the most random conversation between my sister and her friends. She had some girls over and they made brownies that were very tasty but something went wrong, so that when you chewed them you could hear the sugar crunch. One of them goes
- "I can hear myself chewing the sugar!",
- "Omygosh yes! Lets all be quiet and see if we can hear each others crunching!"

So they did, and when they discovered that they could in fact hear the crunching, they died laughing for a good ten minutes.

So what other meaningful and exciting events have filled my life since the last time I wrote to you? Well, I've been going to the gym, I've flipped through college brochures, I've walked Mona's dog with Mona, I've flipped through more college brochures, I've been thinking about college, I've fed my fish Johnny, I've been confused about what college I want to go to, and... no wait thats it.