Sunday, 6 February 2011


Hey, sup? Not much going on here right now. My parents are in London, the only places I've been today is work and my grandma's house.

I was supposed to go to Egypt in April. Yeah, that's not happening. I'm sure you've all heard about the crazies going on down there. Our languages and travelling class go on a weeklong trip to Egypt every year, but not this year. I was kind of bummed out because the trip to Egypt was kind of the reason I chose to take that class in the first place. I guess it serves me right then, for picking a class based on where it's going on field trips. So as a band aid for the wound (that's a norwegian saying that I tried to translate, did it work?) we're going to Jordan instead. So hopefully Jordan will be cool.

And in the beginning of march, I'm going to Oslo to see Taylor Swift. Me and a couple of friends are taking the train to Oslo, going shopping, going to the concert and staying at a hotel, and then taking the train home again.

I'm telling you all of this just to prove that my life is not all work and school and worrying about college. See, last weekend I even went out with some friends from school! And not as in a study group.