Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Hi! I'm back from Denmark. Denmark was cool, as usual, and it seems like my grandpa is doing good. In Denmark we ate lots of popsicles, our popsicles are on sticks and not in plastic mini bags or whatever you want to call it. I'll upload a picture later and then you'll see what I mean. We also rode bikes everywhere, and thats when I noticed something funny, the streets had the weirdest names! There was this one street named dog cry lane, another one was friend mountain street, and the best one was the one named "the knee". Maybe it was because we were on this godforesaken little island. Yeah, it was literally godforesaken, they used to have a church but ther decided to turn it into a spa... Denmaek was great, I left Norway as a child and came back as and adult. Yeah I turned 18. 18 is a big deal in Norway, its like your 16th and your 21st combined because you are allowed to get your drivers liscense and buy alcohol :)

And today was midsummer nighs eve. We celebrated it as we do every year, at my dads friends farm. We bbqed (you cant really call it bbq because we dont use bbq sauce, we just grill stuff) and we had a big bonfire, kinda like the one y'all have in Lutcher, only bigger and uglier.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

the science farm

Hallo! This is the museum where I work, its name translates into something like "the Science farm." Part of it is an old farm from late 1800s that they still keep that way so people can see how they did all the farming stuff way back when, and part of it is a science and technical museum. The museum part has a lot of hands on stuff, with different experiments. I think its really cool, I like that kind of stuff. Like for example there is this thing where you can pull to measure how much one horsepower is, and how many horsepowers you got in you, and on the farm we got horses and a very friendly ox who likes bread and to lick peoples clothes. So the last week I worked 40 hours, which is alot! And in addition to that, I've been around every evening, visiting people, catching up with friends... So I got plenty of stuff going on, which is good, that way I dont have too much time to sit around and think about y'all back in Louisiana, which would probably just make me sad.

Friday I'm going to Denmark. I'm going visit my grandpa. I told some of y'all about this situation, so yeah, hopefully its not too weird. But I love Denmark, so I'm sure its gonna be a nice vacation. So now I told y'all what I'm up to here in Norway, so now its your turn to get in touch with me and update me on whats going on with you :) Feel free to contact me on facebook at any time!

I've had some troubles adapting back to the Norwegian lifestyle. One thing that I had the most trouble getting used to was flushing the toilet. In America, the "flush handle" is on the side, on Norwegian toilets its on the top, and its either a thing you pull or a little button you press. But I'm starting to get the hang of that too!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Hi, I'm back in my fatherland, the mother ship, whatever you want to call it. I know I promised to start blogging in english for you, my dear american friends. And I will, just not quite yet. I'm kind of busy at the moment working, sleeping, hugging my sister, visiting my grandparents, going for walks with Mona and her dog, and stuff like that. Yeah I started work yesterday, and it was great. I started the day off making sandwiches, and ended it chasing sheep that had escaped the little museum farm. Yeah, I work at a museum, it's cool. I will tell y'all more about the museum, and show pictures of my house and family like I promised, later. Now I need to go get some sleep, because I'm giving a tour of the museum farm to a bunch of first graders first thing in the morning :) Oh and one more thing, I watched a tv show about a swedish cook trying to make jambalaya, she put tomatoes and cod in it and served it with greek youghurt... Thats swedes for you! Stupid swedes...

Friday, 4 June 2010

florida og farvel

Nå er jeg hjemme i Norge, men jeg kom på at jeg hadde ikke sagt hadet, og så hadde jeg heller ikke fortalt om avskjedsfesten min og turen til Florida. I Florida gikk vi tur på stranden, Shelbi og Darren på bildet over. Vi var veldig mye på stranden, hele lørdagen. Så jeg ble solbrendt. Veldig solbrendt, men bare på ryggen. Det kjentes godt da jeg måtte dra rundt på 15 kg håndbagasje på flyplasser på mandag og tirsdag. Men ja, vi bada, fløy med en drage (ikke en Drake, haha), og bada litt mer.

På lørdagskvelden var vi og åt på restauranten Guy Harveys, og etterpå kjøpte vi frozen yoghurt.

Going away-partyet som Brianna arrangerte for meg :) De hadde lagt en stor plakat som alle signerte, som ikke passte inn i kofferten desverrre, og en album med bilder fra hele året mitt i USA, og der signerte alle som var på festen og skrev en liten kommentar, veldig koselig :)

Brianna sin mor hadde kjøpt kake til meg :) Vanligvis er sånne amerikanske kaker veldig fine, men smaker ikke så godt, men denne var faktisk ikke så verst.