Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Hi, I'm back in my fatherland, the mother ship, whatever you want to call it. I know I promised to start blogging in english for you, my dear american friends. And I will, just not quite yet. I'm kind of busy at the moment working, sleeping, hugging my sister, visiting my grandparents, going for walks with Mona and her dog, and stuff like that. Yeah I started work yesterday, and it was great. I started the day off making sandwiches, and ended it chasing sheep that had escaped the little museum farm. Yeah, I work at a museum, it's cool. I will tell y'all more about the museum, and show pictures of my house and family like I promised, later. Now I need to go get some sleep, because I'm giving a tour of the museum farm to a bunch of first graders first thing in the morning :) Oh and one more thing, I watched a tv show about a swedish cook trying to make jambalaya, she put tomatoes and cod in it and served it with greek youghurt... Thats swedes for you! Stupid swedes...

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