Thursday, 17 June 2010

the science farm

Hallo! This is the museum where I work, its name translates into something like "the Science farm." Part of it is an old farm from late 1800s that they still keep that way so people can see how they did all the farming stuff way back when, and part of it is a science and technical museum. The museum part has a lot of hands on stuff, with different experiments. I think its really cool, I like that kind of stuff. Like for example there is this thing where you can pull to measure how much one horsepower is, and how many horsepowers you got in you, and on the farm we got horses and a very friendly ox who likes bread and to lick peoples clothes. So the last week I worked 40 hours, which is alot! And in addition to that, I've been around every evening, visiting people, catching up with friends... So I got plenty of stuff going on, which is good, that way I dont have too much time to sit around and think about y'all back in Louisiana, which would probably just make me sad.

Friday I'm going to Denmark. I'm going visit my grandpa. I told some of y'all about this situation, so yeah, hopefully its not too weird. But I love Denmark, so I'm sure its gonna be a nice vacation. So now I told y'all what I'm up to here in Norway, so now its your turn to get in touch with me and update me on whats going on with you :) Feel free to contact me on facebook at any time!

I've had some troubles adapting back to the Norwegian lifestyle. One thing that I had the most trouble getting used to was flushing the toilet. In America, the "flush handle" is on the side, on Norwegian toilets its on the top, and its either a thing you pull or a little button you press. But I'm starting to get the hang of that too!

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