Friday, 30 July 2010


Today I watched kids run into walls. Let me explain: At the museum there is a "senses tunnel", it's pitch dark and the point is to use other senses than your vision, and there is a safety camera hooked up to the tv in the reception, so today I watched kids (and grown ups too, even funnier) run into walls.

Over to a different topic. I went hiking to our lodge this weekend. Here are some pictures.This is my mom and dad. I told them to smile american style.
We got to our lodge saturday, and sunday we went for a hike in the mountains. We went on a hike to a mountain top half a mile above sea level. Our lodge is about 1/4 of a mile above sea level, so it was a pretty steep hike. It took us about 90 minutes to reach the top, and when we got there we realized we had only walked like 2 miles... But then again it was really really steep

Hiking rule no 1: If your backpack weighs less than half your body weight, it ain't real hiking.

On the top, you can see our lodge faaar down there, just a little red dot.

Hiking rule number 2: When hiking, always wear clother that are ugly, ill fitting, and out of fashion. This picture is a great example: me wearing my dads paint stained fleece and a t-shirt I got for free in 7th grade that still is way too big, and my mom is wearing matching fleece sweatpants and shirt... But the reason we took this picture was to show off how outdoorsy we are, we cooked our dinner (sausage, potatoes and onions, real fancy, hiking rule no 3: When on a hiking trip, do not prepare fancy meals) outside over the fire, and we also ate it outside. How outdoorsy is that!

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Over 2000 people have viewed my blog profile! Yayyy!! That was sort of my goal, so now I need a new one! I was thinking maybe my new goal should be to get someone to comment on my blog posts, but that just seems like a little too much to ask for...

It seems like whenever I open my mouth, my sentences always start with "at the museum bla bla bla" or "back in america bla bla".

I will try to update soon with pictures from our lodge and when we went hiking this weekend :)

Saturday, 17 July 2010

oh hi there

Hey look, its American Eli. I miss her! She was always so happy, and she didn't have much to worry about. Norwegian Eli works a full time job right now, and she is worried about money and her future.

Today I wanted to tell you about something that I've been thinking about thats very different in Norway and USA. In Norway, almost everything is closed on Sundays. All the grocery stores are closed, all the malls and other shopping places are too. It's just restaurants, movie theatres, and museums that are open. It can be kind of aggravating sometimes, like when you wake up sunday morning and realize you're out of bread, but mostly I find it's a good thing. It makes it easier to keep the day of rest sacred. And most people don't cut their grass just because it's sunday and it would be considered disrespectful towards your neighbours.

I got my first pay check this week! It was a great feeling, knowing that I worked hard (weeeell maybe not "hard"...) for my m. And it felt good to be able to transfer some money into my savings account, so now I just need to figure out what I want to do with my life so I'll have something to save up for.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

I usually blog on thursdays. It has become part of my new routine. The routine is usually: ride bike to work, work, ride bike home, go for walk with Mona and her dog Oscar, eat, sleep and then repeat the whole thing the next day. And when I ride my bike to work I see sceneries like this

Yeah, it's pretty, but it's getting old.

So there is nothing else I think may interest you today, I've been wanting to show y'all pictures of my lodge, my mom and dad are going this weekend but I cant go because I have to work :( I will however try to remember to take pictures of my house because I promised someone (Shelbi) to post that so you guys can see.

And now let me tell you something atleast a little interesting or funny, or well atleast I find it interesting and funny. In Denmark, when someone die they say that they have "stillet sine træsko" which translates to that they have put away their wooden clogs... SO bye for now, and try not to put away your wooden clogs so we can meet again!

Thursday, 1 July 2010

happy anniversary!

It's been a month since I came home from the US of A. It doesn't seem that long ago, but at the same time, my life in America just seems so distant. So, what have I been up to lately? Well, my life this past week can easily be summed up in one word: work. Right now, it's where I spend most of my time, and ALL my energy. But its fun. Most of it is. There are parts that aren't as fun, such as when I ride my bike to work and choke on bugs, or they get caught in my eye and I can't blink them out. Oh, and the other day when we cleaned the chicken cage, we found a dead chicken at the bottom of the cage, it stomped to death by the other ones and then buried in hay. Yeah, so for a minute there I wasn't too fond of the chicken, but all was forgiven and forgotten later that day when I watched an egg hatch. It was really cool, and when the little bitty chicken finally got out, he was so exhausted he could barely keep his head up!

Hey look, it's you guys. My american friends, or some of you at least. I took some of the senior pictures I got and glued them to a paper and stuck them in a frame. And yeah, thats the color of my walls.

Another thing I wanted to tell you guys about was weird Norwegian sayings we have. There is one that goes "It's better to have a dead bird in your hand than ten (alive ones) sitting on your roof". So that was the Norwegian saying of the day, now to the random Norwegian fact of the day: Every day around 6-ish, they have news for deaf people. It's only for a couple of minutes, with some news anchor talking with her hands about the latest news, and there's no sound. Someone should start that in America too!