Thursday, 8 July 2010

I usually blog on thursdays. It has become part of my new routine. The routine is usually: ride bike to work, work, ride bike home, go for walk with Mona and her dog Oscar, eat, sleep and then repeat the whole thing the next day. And when I ride my bike to work I see sceneries like this

Yeah, it's pretty, but it's getting old.

So there is nothing else I think may interest you today, I've been wanting to show y'all pictures of my lodge, my mom and dad are going this weekend but I cant go because I have to work :( I will however try to remember to take pictures of my house because I promised someone (Shelbi) to post that so you guys can see.

And now let me tell you something atleast a little interesting or funny, or well atleast I find it interesting and funny. In Denmark, when someone die they say that they have "stillet sine træsko" which translates to that they have put away their wooden clogs... SO bye for now, and try not to put away your wooden clogs so we can meet again!

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