Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Hi! I'm back from Denmark. Denmark was cool, as usual, and it seems like my grandpa is doing good. In Denmark we ate lots of popsicles, our popsicles are on sticks and not in plastic mini bags or whatever you want to call it. I'll upload a picture later and then you'll see what I mean. We also rode bikes everywhere, and thats when I noticed something funny, the streets had the weirdest names! There was this one street named dog cry lane, another one was friend mountain street, and the best one was the one named "the knee". Maybe it was because we were on this godforesaken little island. Yeah, it was literally godforesaken, they used to have a church but ther decided to turn it into a spa... Denmaek was great, I left Norway as a child and came back as and adult. Yeah I turned 18. 18 is a big deal in Norway, its like your 16th and your 21st combined because you are allowed to get your drivers liscense and buy alcohol :)

And today was midsummer nighs eve. We celebrated it as we do every year, at my dads friends farm. We bbqed (you cant really call it bbq because we dont use bbq sauce, we just grill stuff) and we had a big bonfire, kinda like the one y'all have in Lutcher, only bigger and uglier.

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