Monday, 9 May 2011

a blue tie affair

there was a big russ-festival this weekend. For my lutcher friends: picture the bonfire festival and jazzfest combined to one big weekend of awesome. Attending: 10.000 13th-graders.

I've seen tons of good concerts. Your fellow american Ludacris was there too. And my favorite norwegian band Kaizers Orchestra. And Madcon, and Karpe Diem, and your other fellow american Porter Robinson. And Lidolido and Magnet, whom I hadn't really listened to too much before the concert, but they sounded pretty good. And my bff Mona was there with me, and our lovely blue tie. Our lovely blue tie was stolen by some bastard. We went to concerts, danced, drank beer, ate, went to more concerts, fought over whose turn it was to wear the blue tie, drank cider, walked around, danced, met up with friends, made new friends, danced some more. It was fun :)

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