Wednesday, 11 August 2010

what can I say...

Remember earlier this summer when I didn't have anything to write about? Well, thats not the case anymore. Our lodge burned down monday night. There was an accident with a lamp (you know those big industrial strenght ones that lumberjacks use) that we guess must have tipped over, and because the lodge is in the middle of the mountains, a fire truck could never get up there. So it burned down. All the way down. This happened monday night, and when I went to work tuesday morning we still didn't know how serious it was. It sucked being at work, not knowing. And I couldn't talk to anyone about it really, because I didn't know how bad it was. And how do you talk to people about that, anyways? Just bring it up in casual conversation "Oh and our lodge burned down last night...". I still havent mentioned it to the people at work, I just don't know how to bring it up. The insurance company has been great so far, theyre dealing with all the paper work. But we might not get permission to rebuild it, and then if we do, do we want to? It's never going to be the same.

So now 7 years of hard work fixing and repairing is gone. Seven summers where we could have went to Nepal or Germany or whatever, instead we spent it at our lodge painting, hammering, fixing. And we didn't want it any other way, we chose to spend our summers working on the lodge because we wanted to, my family really enjoys it. Or should I say enjoyed. That place had soul, and we gave it even more soul when we put our souls into it working on it.

I'm going to miss it so much. That lodge was our "thing". We have a normal house, a normal car, but that lodge was extraordinary.

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  1. :( im sorry very sorry. i love you