Friday, 27 August 2010

Standing in the gym in my panties.

It's true. It wasn't a dream, and I did it voluntary. Well, before I say anything more, I should explain that I wasn't prancing around the whole gym in my underwear, me and two friends just tried on some pants in a corner. Still confused? I was trying on some pants that I need to order because I'm going to be a Russ this year. See explanation below. And, I mean, the gym was empty except for me and the two other girls I was there with, so no need to act all shocked :)

Russ (singular and plural) is a participant in the traditional Norwegian videregående skole (equivalent to high school or the British equivalent to sixth form) graduation ceremony known as russefeiring (russ celebration). Russ are easily recognized by their distinctive overalls and caps (russeluer) resembling student caps. Tradition dictates that they wear the overall and the cap from the 1st to the 17th of May

The Russ celebration is practically a big ole party that we 13th graders do in the middle of exams... Let me explain further by copying some more from wikipedia:

The russefeiring traditionally starts on the 1st of May and ends on the 17th of May, the Norwegian national day. Participants wear coloured overalls, drive matching cars, vans, or buses, and celebrate almost continually during this period.

Oh, and not only do we party, we also do something called "knots". The Russ committe (Yes there is a Russ comittee, we're pretty serious about this) makes a big list of things you can do, and if you do one of these things on the list, you'll get a knot or some symbolic "souvenir" tied in the string of your Russ hat. Examples of Russ knots:

Spending a night in a tree (earns a stick from the tree)
Eating a Big Mac in two bites (earns a piece of the wrapping)
Drinking a bottle of wine in 20 minutes (earns the wine cork)
Crawling through a super market while barking and biting customers' legs (earns a dog biscuit)
Spending a school day crawling on hands and knees (earns a toy shoe)
Spending the entire russ period sober (earns a fizzy drink cork)
Drinking 24 beers in 24 hours(girls) 12 hour (boys)
Go for a swim before the 1. of May (earns a popsicle)
Ask random people in a mall if they can lend you a condom (earns the condom)
Break up with a random 16 year old very public.
Sleep on school grounds for a whole night.
Run over a local bridge or from the school to the sentre or similar place naked.
Sit in a round about with a sign that says "We'll have drink if you honk your horn!"
Host an aerobic class at the local pub and get at least ten people to join.
It's common for every school to have about 100 knots.

I'm not planning on doing all these knots, but I think being a Russ is a great tradition, and I'm really looking forward to it! Go Russ of 2011!!

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