Friday, 22 October 2010

Nice was nice.

Bonjour! Adapting the french way of life; loaf under arm!

So Nice was indeed very nice! I had a great time, we went shopping, ate good food, sat on cafe's, ate great food, went to a couples of museums, and ate awesome food! Pretty much all we did was eat and relax, it was great! We had so much good food! They had lots of good italian restaurants, local food, we went to an indian restaurant one night... There was just so much food, and don't even get me started on the desserts! There was this ice cream place just down the street from our apartment in the old town, and it had 100 different ice cream flavors!

One night we decided to just eat at the apartment, so my sister and I were sent out to go get some raviolis (stuffed pasta). Turned out the pasta place in the old town was closed, to we had to go find another one. We knew what direction it was in, so we started walking. After we'd walked for a mile, we realized that we didn't really know where this supermarket was, so we asked a local woman. In french. I speak some french, but with their accents and how fast they talk, it was hard to understand much. So i asked (in french)"Where is the supermarket?" and the woman said something something bus station, something something 4 blocks, something something left. We knew where the bus station was, so we walked there, and when we still didn't see it, we decided to ask another french lady. She said something something keep walking something on your left. So we kept walking, and when we'd walk for forever and a half, we thought maybe we'd walked to far, so we (I keep saying we, but truth is I asked and my sister stood like 10 feet away pretending not to know me) asked a random man in french. Fortunately, he didn't speak french, so I asked him in english where the supermarket was, and he pointed to something behind our backs. We turned around, and there it was, just across the street. The raviolis were super awesomely good so in the end it was worth all the work.

Adapting the french way of life 2: Coffee and crepes-breaks as often as possible

The little mall, Nicetoilet - I mean Nicetoile!

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