Saturday, 27 November 2010

dec. 6th

At this date a year ago I went swimming! It seems so unreal, we have 10-20 degrees and three inches of snow here!

Last friday I was at a scout meeting, in 10 degrees weather. I got a ride with Mona, and a mutual friend of ours came along too (gosh,that sounds kind of proper). Mona was going see her boyfriend, and our friend was going partying, and me, I was going walk around in the woods for a couple of hours. They asked me "Eli, is that really something that you do for fun on a friday night?" I didn't know what to answer right then and there, but now that I've had some time to think, I've come to the conclusion that yes, I do find it fun. I really do enjoy walking in the woods, cheeks getting all cold and red, freezing toes... Well, I don't really enjoy the freezing toe-part, but thats just part of the deal.

This is my russ-photo, or senior picture I guess. We had our first russekro (party for the graduates/13th graders), and the theme was traffic lights. You had to dress in green if single, yellow if you're talking to someone, and red if you're in a relationship. It was alright, it was really convenient with the color codes! And there are plenty of parties to come, so I will tell you more about that later :)

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