Thursday, 16 December 2010

Merry Christmas!

As you all know it's almost christmas, so lately I've been on my best behaviour! For example today, I got home from school, started making christmas cookies (a kind called brown sticks, now doesn't that sound yummy?!), then I did some laundry, and then I went to spinning class at the gym, then I came home and shoveled all the snow out of our driveway, then I did the dishes! So that's why I'm writing today, in case Santa didn't notice. See, Santa! I've been all good this year, at least today :)

This is my russ-card. It's a mock business card, and it's part of our graduation tradition. Mine says:
The name of my school,
Eli Rugaard
Adr: Soup street aka Subagadå (Subagadå is norwegian for soup street, which is the actual name of the street I live on)
Member of: the scouts, VIK (the gym I go to), and Plenum (this one is an inside joke..)
Wine is not a very good cure for love
The greener grass on the other side
is probably just artificial turf!

Last week I went to a friend from school's house and we went sledding and made waffles and watched the polar express! And we took pictures and made it into a christmas card! So, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

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