Friday, 31 December 2010


I've been bitten by my new pet that I got after christmas. I was sitting there with my pinky out, minding my own business, and so my pet jumped up from his bowl and bit me. Yes, from his bowl. It's a fish. Oh, funny story about the fish too, let me tell you! I got a fish bowl for christmas, so I decided to buy a fish. The bowl was pretty small, so the lady at the pet store adviced me to get a betta fish. So I did, bought a fish, named him Charlie and brought him home and put him in his bowl. First thing the damn fish did was to swim down to the bottom and start eating the pebbles I had arranged in the bowl for decoration. Next thing he does is to discover his own reflection in the bowl and freak out and try to attack it. I wasn't sure what to do, I figured he'd settle down after a while, so I left him alone for a little while. That didn't happen, when I came back a couple of hours later the poor bastard was dead. My dad said at dinner today "Well, no wonder he died, I'd probably die too if I ate pebbles and ran into glass walls." So I got a new fish, named him Johhny Bravo, put him in the bowl, this time under close observation. Johnny didn't settle down in the bowl either, I tried putting him on the middle of the floor so there would't be other things to distract him, I cut off the leg of one of my tights and pulled over the bowl, but to no help. So I moved him to a plastic bowl my mom uses for baking. Or used. Johnny is very happy there and is still alive and kickin'.

"Heeeere's Johhny!"
And here's a part of a letter that I wrote to a friend describing what we do on christmas eve.

Here we start the day watching a movie called “Three nuts for Cinderella”, which is a Czech movie from the 70’s, and there’s a man who has dubbed all the voices, but you can still hear the Czech actors in the background. Yeah, it might not be the greatest movie ever, but it’s part of the Christmas tradition to watch it. My cousin Elisabeth even bought it on DVD and brought it with her when she came visit me, so we could all watch it together on the 24th like we always do. So after we’ve done that, we usually go visit some family, we usually go visit the part of family we’re not spending the evening with. So in the evening we go to whichever part of the family we’re celebrating Christmas with this year (we usually start planning that in October) , have a big Christmas dinner, and then we just sit around and drink coffee, and then we eat rice pudding. And in the rice putting there’s a hidden almond, and whoever gets the almond wins the marzipan pig (which is a pig made of marzipan dipped in chocolate, I’m sure you’ve figured that out by now, you’re smart). After we’re finished that, we open the presents, we open them one by one, one of the kids is the designated hand out person, and has to read out who the present is for and who it’s from, and then the person it’s for opens it. And that usually takes a good while, but it’s a lot of fun because you get to see the reactions on everyone’s faces.

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